Did Nicole Curtis Have A Baby

Did Nicole Curtis Have A Baby

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Rehab addict nicole curtis defends decision to breastfeed, nicole curtis has gotten used to getting heat about her choice to continue breastfeeding her 2 1 2-year-old son harper i keep saying it s not like he s 7 or 8 he s still a baby she says as the 30-month-old pushes away his lunch of pasta and reaches for her breast to nurse. 5 things to know about hgtv star nicole curtis people com, rehab addict start nicole curtis shares about her children relationships and tv show in her new book better than new. Things you didn t know about nicole curtis - thelist com, before she hit it big curtis worked as a waitress at a few different fast food chains including ihop and hooters according to people it was actually a friend who suggested curtis apply for a job at the restaurant known for its scantily clad waitresses she did and landed the gig but even then she struggled to make enough money while caring for her first baby ethan.

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