Frederick William I

Frederick William I

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Frederick william elector of brandenburg - wikipedia, frederick william is notable for raising an army of 40 000 soldiers by 1678 through the general war commissariat presided over by joachim friedrich von blumenthal he was an advocate of mercantilism monopolies subsidies tariffs and internal improvements. Frederick william iii of prussia - wikipedia, frederick william was born in potsdam in 1770 as the son of frederick william ii of prussia and frederika louisa of hesse-darmstadt he was considered to be a shy and reserved boy which became noticeable in his particularly reticent conversations distinguished by the lack of personal pronouns. Frederick william iv king of prussia britannica com, frederick william iv frederick william iv king of prussia from 1840 until 1861 whose conservative policies helped spark the revolution of 1848 in the aftermath of the failed revolution frederick william followed a reactionary course.

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