Germany X Italy Fanfic Curl

Germany X Italy Fanfic Curl

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Damn italian curls a hetalia - axis powers fanfic, damn italian curls finally finally after almost half an hour the knot was undone as soon as his curl was released a very flushed romano burst away from spain while italy collapsed against germany s chest panting. Curl play a hetalia - axis powers fanfic fanfiction, italy only made little squeaks until the blond man hit his prostate hitting against as well as germany holding out his hand and playing with italy s curl ah lludwig italy s moans and squeaks filled the room. Pure bliss-gerita hetalia fanfic yaoi - germany - wattpad, d it s a fanfic of an anime called hetalia i m sure many of you have heard of it and its based on the pairng of germany and italy 3 if you don t like the pairing or boyxboy yaoi don t read it and don t complain in the comments xd gerita is my otp so i will take offense to any mean comments.

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