Have Much Does Doctor Get From Drug

Have Much Does Doctor Get From Drug

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Find out if your doctor takes payments from drug companies, for example some doctors may have received as little as 20 or so for a meal while others have accepted payments totaling more than 100 000 00 if your doctor has accepted payments propublica offers several tips for how to discuss the issue with them. Find out how much big pharma drug companies are paying, you can also search for companies to see how much they have dished out to doctors a fairly common practice is for drug sales teams to have studied life sciences at a college degree level so in theory they have a basic understanding of the science behind the drugs they are selling finally this is all in the interest of transparency and open information it isn t an invitation to get. These are the drugs doctors get paid the most to promote, so why are companies paying so much to try to get doctors to prescribe their products in a word competition in propublica s list of the top 20 drugs that companies are paying the most to promote.

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