Legacy Console Windows 10

Legacy Console Windows 10

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What s new in windows console in windows 10 fall creators, with windows 10 fall creators update fcu releasing on october 17th 2017 we thought it time to post the list of improvements coming to windows console in fcu note for fans of our sister project windows subsystem for linux wsl please also read our post on what s new in wsl in fcu the windows console. Updating the windows console colors windows command line, the windows console s colors are getting their first overhaul in more than 20 years hurray the default color values have been changed to improve legibility of darker colors on modern screens and to give the console a more modern look feel for example windows console s legacy blue is very difficult to read on a modern high-contrast displays. Change default code page of windows console to utf-8, the windows console is riddled with bugs when the encoding is set to an unsupported multi-byte code page like 65001 any software using the output counts of the win32 writefile readfile apis will get the wrong results and consequently stuff build on that like the msvcrt s implementation of the stdlib will produce mangled repeated output and hang on input when confronted with non-ascii.

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