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Mural - wikipedia, in the history of mural several methods have been used a fresco painting from the italian word affresco which derives from the adjective fresco fresh describes a method in which the paint is applied on plaster on walls or ceilings. Piasa - wikipedia, murals the ancient mural was created prior to the arrival of any european explorers in the region and possibly before 1200 ce the location of the image was at a river-bluff terminus of the american bottoms floodplain. Mural wikipedia wolna encyklopedia, mural rodzaj malatury nazwa pochodzenia hiszpa skiego oznaczaj ca w skr cie dzie o dekoracyjnego malarstwa ciennego najcz ciej monumentalne malowid a takie w zale no ci od intencji tw rcy mog mie na celu impresj odbiorcy reklam jakiego produktu lub promocj akcji charytatywnej.

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