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Style Women's Prison

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Hm prison styal - official site, the site opened as a women s prison in 1962 when female prisoners from strangeways were transferred in from 1983 young offenders were admitted and in 1999 a wing was added to accommodate unsentenced female prisoners following the closure of risley s remand centre increasing the prison size by 60. Hm prison styal - wikipedia, the prison occupies some former buildings of the styal cottage homes these opened as an orphanage for destitute children from the manchester area in 1898 in 1956 this closed and the site re-opened as a women s prison in 1962 with women transferred from hmp strangeways. A view from inside styal prison - bbc news uk, the myths that surround women s prisons are well established - journalists spend hours reporting from outside the prison gates on drugs suicides and satellite.

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